Kokemäki – A Modern Countryside Town

Kokemäki is a place worth both visiting and living in. Whether you are just travelling or looking for place for more permanent stay, Kokemäki is the place to be. We offer a safe living environment close to nature, high-quality services, and good communications networks, which makes it a functional environment for the young, the elderly, families with children, and businesses alike.

The town of Kokemäki offers versatile services for citizens and travellers.  We have all you need for everyday living: grocery stores and high-quality specialty stores. Travellers and visitors can stay in a cozy hotel as well as in cabins located in the peace of nature. Kokemäki’s lunch cafes and restaurants offer delicious tastes and flavours. We also have great event venues. The beautiful Kokemäenjoki river offers tourists excellent recreational fishing opportunities and wonderful landscapes.

Kokemäki in Brief

  • Located in Satakunta, Western Finland, 40 kilometres from City of Pori, 100 kilometres from City of Tampere and 200 kilometres from City of Helsinki.
  • About 7 000 inhabitants.
  • Kokemäki has more than 1 300 summer cottages.
  • More than 600 companies operating in various fields operate in Kokemäki.

Town hall

Visiting address: Tulkkilantie 2, 32800 Kokemäki, Finland
Postal address: PL 27, 32801 Kokemäki, Finland
Town hall staff serves by appointment. To book an appointment please find the contact information (in Finnish) from here: kokemaki.fi/yhteystiedot.

The helpdesk is in the town hall lobby. Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9am–11am and 12pm–3pm.
Kela’s service point opening hours: Mon–Fri 9am–11am and 12pm–3pm.

Kuvassa Kokemäen kaupunginvirasto
Kokemäki town hall

How to reach Kokemäki?

Kokemäki is the most excellent tourist destination in the heart of Satakunta region. Kokemäki is easily accessible both by public transportation and by own car, as the town is right next to National Road 2 and the Pori–Tampere railway. Long-distance buses also stop at Kokemäki.

By own car

Kokemäki is located along National Road 2, about 40 kilometres from Pori. Kokemäki is also surprisingly close to other big cities!
Examples of distances:
– 200 km to Helsinki
– 100 km to Tampere
– 110 km to Turku

By train

The railway between Tampere and Pori runs through the town, and you can get on the train from Kokemäki railway station. The railway station is located at Asemakuja 8, Peipohja. You can easily get to the city-center from the station by taxi, the distance on foot is about 3 kilometres.
Timetables for train: https://www.vr.fi/en

Kokemäki railway station is located in Peipohja.

By bus

There is a bus service from Kokemäki to Helsinki, Pori and Huittinen. You can get to buses from stops along the way, as well as from the city center. More detailed information about bus stops on Matkahuolto’s website.
Timetables for bus: https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en